Hints for Writing Practical Training Logbook


Requirements of the Training Logbook

The Training Logbook should be a complete record of the practical training received during the course of study at HKUST. Detailed description and technical information of each training module should be given in the Individual Training Reports. These marked Reports should be included in the Training Logbook as the core contents, marked Workbooks, if any, can be included in the appendix 2. You are required to add the Introduction and Conclusion sections to compile the Training Logbook.

The Training Logbook should clearly state the training objectives. It should emphasize and show your personal observations and interest in the training, your capability on problem solving and your ability to comment and make suggestions for improvement in a constructive and professional manner. You should highlight what you have appreciated from the hands-on experience and elaborate on how you benefit from the training. Good presentation and report writing skills are required. It should be written in your own words, in clear handwriting, and in a neat and tidy manner. The Logbook forms can be downloaded from ITC webpage.



Group Training Report

As for Group Training Reports, for example the Environmental Monitoring and Quality Assessment (USTENV) module, and Safety Training (Risk Management) module students can decide whether to include them in the Training Logbook or not.



If you are partially exempted from Industrial Training and need to take only a few modules, you may be exempted from doing the Training Logbook. You will be notified together with the exemption results.


Cover Page

Your personal details page.

For those students intake before 2008/09, the Blank Cover Page can be Download here.



Table of Contents

List all the HKPUIC and HKUST training modules required for your course and fill in the dates on which you have attended during the Industrial Training. For those modules which are not yet taken when the Training Logbook is submitted, you should also fill in the Date, Duration and Remarks boxes. The Training Reports for these modules should later be incorporated into the Training Logbook when they are marked and returned. The Remark section should then be updated. Any marked Workbooks need not be submitted together with the Logbook but should be kept for future reference. [Blank Form can be Download here]




It should clearly state in not less than 500 words the objectives of the whole training program and give a brief description of all the training modules attended. [Blank Form can be Download here]



Description/Discussion on the Training Modules

The Section should be written in not less than 500 words. You should highlight what you have appreciated from the hands-on experience and elaborate on how you benefit from each of the training modules. [Blank Form can be Download here]



Comments and Conclusions

The Section should be written in not less than 500 words. There is no need to repeat technical details in the conclusion. Instead, it should give more specific personal comments, pinpoint problems, give suggestions, discuss the safety aspects, and list the benefits and appreciation you got from the training. [Blank Form can be Download here]




You should bind all your marked Quiz, Workbooks and Training Reports (including the failed ones) in the Logbook as the core contents.


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